#LOVEMYHOOD: 24H in Barcelona

Barcelona – the capital of Catalonia. The autonomous north-west region of Spain is known for its culture and diversity and contains some hidden treasures that shouldn´t be missed. Let us take you on a 24h Barcelona experience with our insider hints we learnt while shooting our Spring / Summer 16 campaign video.
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DIY: Rosemary Spiked Lemonade

With a pucker from rosemary, and some fresh sour lemon juice, this refreshing combination is the perfect DIY to cool down on summer days when the temperatures heat up. Time to serve up some drinks! Continue Reading


DIY: Throw Your Own Grand-Prix Patio Party

In just a few days, the event of the year will be back to take over the city of Montreal. Every June, Grand Prix brings a new life to this city. From must-not-miss Matinee’s, to celeb-present parties, the city is on a high and everyone’s looking for an event that will be the highlight of their weekend. While most of the party options could come with quite the hefty price-tag and headache, we’ve opted for a Grand Prix themed party in the comfort of our own terrace this year and here’s how you can do the same. Continue Reading


Bench Festival Playlist

Remember that feeling last summer? The one when you were dancing in a crowd with hundreds of thousands of people who were on a Kygo-high just like you, while the sun set over your city and the heat sunk in? We remember, and it’s about that time again – Festival season is back.

With our #FestivalLineup colletion now available, our team’s been vibin’ to the sounds of summer like it’s already slipping away. Ready to make your way back into a summer of hot tracks with our Festival Playlist?

Goosebumps? We feel you, summer’s finally here. Complete the feels with our #FestivalLineup.



With Summer around the corner and backyard patio parties lighting up left and right, it’s time to give our spaces a little love with a personalized, seasonal feel. Follow our step-by-step guide to the perfect Vertical Wall Garden – You’ll have your guests ooh-ing and aah-ing to its rustic and warm vibes. Continue Reading


#LoveMyHood: 24 hours in MTL w/ Julia Mateian

Spring in Montreal creates an energy, and we know all about it. MTL-based babe and street style aficionado, Julia Mateian, leads one fast-paced 24-hour life. Read up as she shares with us her fave current spots, and how the city is so suiting to her lifestyle. #LoveMyHood

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