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#LOVEMYHOOD: 24 Hours in Vancouver w/ Candace Meyer

This fall, we share with you an unexpected side of Bench that showcases our exciting fashion direction. More fashionable, more sexy, more modern, more Bench! To bring this side of Bench to life, we partnered with one of North America’s top fashion photographer, Canadian artist Candace Meyer. We sat down with Candace to learn more about her and the love she has for her city, Vancouver. Read up now!

  1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you found yourself working in fashion photography.
    When I was in University (SFU) I was a flight attendant at the same time.  I started out by photographing my coworkers and made good use of the various locations we travelled to.  From my very first shoot, I knew photography was what I wanted to be doing.   I really never had any interest in shooting anything other than fashion. 
  1. What does your #24hourlife in Vancouver look like?
    Any day I am not working I get up really early and head to the stable to see my horse.  Then it’s a smorgasbord of things I like:  the gym, tennis, and a whole of gardening.  I am kind of obsessed with my lawn.   
  1. What is your go-to neighbourhood to hang out with friends?
    I’m living in North Vancouver right now so I gravitate to North or West Van to see friends.  Gastown usually if I make the big (15 minute) trip to the city.
  1. What is your favourite late night place to eat in Vancouver?
    My boyfriend’s kitchen.
  1. Do you look to the Vancouver social and environmental landscape to provide you with inspiration for your fashion photography? If so, where/what do you pull this inspiration from?
    Absolutely.  More so the environmental landscape.  My work is very influenced by the beauty of nature I am surrounded by.  The massive trees, the ocean, the mountains surrounding the city…they all provide a different “studio” for me.  Even just staring on the rocks while waiting for the model to change/makeup…whatever…to breathe in clean air, look out at the city across the water and see as far away as Victoria Island…inspirational and relaxing.
  1. Where is the best place to unwind, and relax in Vancouver?
    The rocks at Tiddly Cove, West Van.
  1. What’s a common misconception about Vancouver?
    That it is all beauty…kind of “apple pie nice”.  Vancouver has a very harsh underbelly.  The homeless situation has reached a new level of urgency…there are a lot of people suffering.   Many people are are not receiving adequate mental and physical care.
  1. Do you prefer the city life or exploring the beautiful outdoors of B.C.?
    I’m an outdoorsy girl.  I love the city too but in small doses.
  1. What would you suggest as an ideal Vancouver itinerary for a Fall/Winter day trip?
    Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge (it’s the free suspension bridge!) is cool.  Might start there in North Van. Pop back across the Second Narrows Bridge and have lunch in Gastown at Nicli Pizzeria.  Little shopping in Gastown then head over to the other side of town and watch (or try) kite surfing at Jericho.  Back down 4th Ave and dinner at Fable.
  1. What is the best part about living in a modern metropolis while being so close to the ocean and mountains?
    Your senses are being constantly refreshed and renewed with the changes in season and their effect on the environment.  

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