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#LOVEMYHOOD: 24 Hours in North End Halifax w/ @shortpresents

North End Halifax is quickly becoming THE place to be, and with cool coffee shops, and beautiful restos a plenty there’s really not a lot of reason to leave.  Whether you’re popping in for a quick meeting, or a yoga sesh the North End really has a lot to offer. And even more important than the character buildings, the delicious food, and the cool vibe hang out spots: are the people. There’s something to be said about the people living and working in the North End. It really is a community. It’s difficult to pinpoint the vibe here because everyone is so different, but there’s something about being around young creative people, and entrepreneurs that is immensely inspiring, and my photographers Alexa and Luke from North by North Photography were no exception. I really do love my hood.

plus02 sp_12sp_01Kayla wears the One Too Many Jacket,  the Inauguration Vest, the Indulgent C legging, and the Lost In Thought Rucksack

Lion & Bright Café
Whether you need to catch a buzz on your way to work or you just want to hang out and chitchat Lion & Bright is your go-to spot. Located at the heart of Agricola Street (and connected to the Local Source Market, Lion & Bright Café Wine Bar offers local sing songwriters a cozy spot to perform, and creatives a space to meet, mingle, or knuckle down and work.  Its always buzzing with people and their cozy seating and beautiful wooden tables inspire not only the most beautiful instagram backdrops, but also some great conversations as well. From carefully crafted lattes, craft beer and cocktails to local sourced food from their bistro, Lion & Bright is a spot you can pop into any time of the day, and still enjoy everything they have to offer.  They also make one heck of a London Fog (just sayin’).

sp_06 sp_07
Kayla wears the Inauguration Vest

RIO (Rock in Opposition)
Yoga has long been a trendy thing to do, but I assure you the yoga at RIO (Rock in Opposition) is like no other. Offering an eclectic assortment of yoga and fitness classes, RIO defies all preconceived notions of exercise. From Hip Hop Yoga to Jo-Ga that targets athletes, and offers craft beer post session (sign me up!), and even Hangover Hustle Yoga classes you’ll most certainly get a good workout, but also leave feeling very inspired.  With a variety of classes and class times I’m confident you can fit one into your schedule.


Typically when you’re dining out you’re nervous about what your eating, and how bad it is for you, but this is not the case with Envie. While their dishes are vegan, and super healthy for you, you’d never know it by their flavor! Envie does such a fantastic job of creating deliciously healthy food, so you know anything you’re eating is a good choice. They take such care in planning, and instilling their wealth of nutritional knowledge into everything they create it truly is refreshing.  Envie also just launched a new menu too, so you’ll have to try out their new items! But if all else fails get the black bean burger (the Gluten free bread is also super yum), and the Kale ceaser salad because they never disappoint. Or just pop in for a juice post yoga sesh, and strike up a convo with one of their employees. They really are a cool group of people. I’d highly recommend.

sp_13 sp_14 sp_15Kayla wears the Thursoeast Zip Thru, and the Elquemano Skirt

Studio East Food + Drink
Agricola Street and the Hydrostone have been getting a lot of attention lately, but there’s also a lot popping up around Cunard Street area as well. With the beautiful Studio East, and their neighbor Eliot & Vine there’s really no need to have to leave the North End for a lovely dinner experience (and hello the parking is much better). And have you seen their recently opened patio? It’s absolutely stun-ning. With their tropical plants and global cuisine you’ll instantly feel whisked away.


Elliot and Vine
One of Halifax’s newest restos is an absolute instagram dream. With a plethora of natural light, beautiful marble tables, and hand painted murals, Eliot and Vine is BE-autiful! The food is also really great. If you’re looking for a little taste of Europe or just some delicious truffle fries and prosecco this is your go-to spot. Eliot & Vine also just recently opened for brunch and offer the cutest little bottles of prosecco for purchase, and duck eggs benny. I meannnnn? Can we make this a regular thing?

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